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Sneak Peek of Jigsaw’s Latest Trap in “Saw X” Reveals Twisted Horrors

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In just a fortnight, brace yourselves for the chilling tenth installment in the Saw franchise, “Saw X,” where the saga returns to its roots, placing the enigmatic John Kramer in the spotlight as he embarks on a quest for treatment and vengeance. As the release date draws nearer, Lionsgate has unveiled a spine-tingling sneak peek to whet our appetites.

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The heart-pounding clip provides an exclusive glimpse of a diabolical new trap that promises to send shivers down your spine. Although the clip refrains from displaying gruesome scenes, it’s bound to make your eyes widen and your hands tingle in suspense. The trap showcases one of Jigsaw’s latest victims confined to a chair, their eyes concealed by a sinister mask, connected to elongated tubes. Interestingly, this very mask is prominently featured on the movie’s first poster. However, the peril doesn’t end with the victim’s eyes; their fingers are also on the line. As Jigsaw’s eerie tape recording plays, we learn that the victim is a custodian at the hospital, likely one involved in swindling Kramer and others. While the clip offers a glimpse into the trap’s mechanics, it leaves us on edge, wondering if this unfortunate soul will emerge unscathed.

“Saw X” ventures back in time, nestling itself between the events of “Saw” and “Saw II.” Tobin Bell reprises his iconic role as John Kramer, but this time, he’s grappling with terminal cancer. Refusing to succumb to his ailment and desperately seeking a miraculous cure, Kramer ventures across the border to Mexico, where a hospital claims to offer an experimental procedure that might hold the key to his salvation. However, Kramer quickly uncovers the scheme behind this supposed miracle cure, designed to exploit the most vulnerable. In response, he resurrects his Jigsaw persona, aided by his apprentice, Amanda Young, portrayed by Shawnee Smith.

But wait, there’s more for die-hard Saw fans or those looking to dive into the gruesome lore for the first time. Alamo Drafthouse is bringing back the first two Saw films, “Saw” and “Saw II,” for a limited-time screening event starting on September 16. This fantastic opportunity is part of this year’s Fantastic Fest and will grace select theaters across the nation. It’s the perfect chance to revisit the gruesome chaos of these early films or catch up on the story before immersing yourself in “Saw X.” Consider it a refresher on where the tale of Kramer and Amanda stands in the intricate timeline of the franchise.

Mark your calendars for September 29, when “Saw X” hits theaters and unleashes its bone-chilling horrors upon eager audiences. Meanwhile, dive into the sneak peek below, and prepare for a terrifying journey into the mind of Jigsaw.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Horror thriller preview

What is “Saw X,” and what can we expect from this installment?

“Saw X” is the eagerly awaited 10th installment in the iconic horror franchise. It returns to the series’ core character, John Kramer, as he seeks treatment and exacts justice in a thrilling and suspenseful narrative.

Can you describe the new trap featured in the sneak peek?

The sneak peek reveals a chilling new trap where a victim is strapped into a chair with a mask covering their eyes, connected to long tubes that put both their eyes and fingers at risk. The clip provides a tantalizing glimpse into the trap’s mechanics and the potential fate of its victim.

Where does “Saw X” fit into the Saw franchise timeline?

“Saw X” is set between the events of “Saw” and “Saw II.” John Kramer, portrayed by Tobin Bell, is back, battling terminal cancer and embarking on a quest for a miracle cure. When he discovers a sinister scam in a Mexican hospital, he resurrects his Jigsaw persona with the help of Amanda Young, portrayed by Shawnee Smith.

Is there an opportunity to catch up on the earlier Saw films?

Yes, there is! Alamo Drafthouse is re-releasing the first two Saw movies, “Saw” and “Saw II,” for a limited time starting on September 16. This is a fantastic chance to revisit the gruesome chaos of these films or get up to speed on the storyline before diving into “Saw X.”

When is the official release date for “Saw X”?

“Saw X” is set to terrify audiences when it hits theaters on September 29. Mark your calendars for this bone-chilling cinematic experience!

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