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Sci-Fi Horror ‘Companion’ Adds ‘What We Do in the Shadows,’ ‘You,’ and ‘Never Have I Ever’ Stars

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New Line Cinema has secured a group of talented actors to join Jack Quaid in the upcoming sci-fi horror movie, Companion. Initially announced in February, Quaid’s return to the horror genre after his appearance in the 2022 Scream reboot will be accompanied by Harvey Guillén from What We Do in the Shadows, Lukas Gage, and Megan Suri. Drew Hancock, the film’s writer, will also make his directorial debut with this project.

Specific details about Companion are being tightly guarded, but it stems from the same team that brought us Barbarian, one of the breakout hits of 2022. Barbarian propelled Zach Cregger, formerly known for his work in Whitest Kids U’Know, into the spotlight as a horror director. The movie achieved a remarkable box office success of $45.5 million, surpassing its $4.5 million budget, thanks to a well-executed marketing campaign and positive word of mouth. Building on the momentum from his twisted debut, Cregger is now set to write and direct a new horror epic called Weapons, starring Pedro Pascal.

Although not directing Companion, Cregger will serve as a producer, joining forces with his fellow Barbarian and Weapons producers, including Roy Lee from Vertigo, Raphael Margules from BoulderLight, and J.D. Lifshitz and Miri Yoon. Hancock, who has mainly worked in television as a writer and director, having penned episodes for shows like Mr. Pickles and Blue Mountain State, and served as an executive story editor for Suburgatory.

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Where Have We Seen the Stars of Companion Before?

Guillén is well-acquainted with horror-adjacent roles, notably as Guillermo in FX’s popular vampire comedy series, What We Do in the Shadows. He is set to reunite with the Staten Island vampires for the upcoming fifth season. Guillén will also make an appearance on the big screen in the highly anticipated DC film, Blue Beetle. Additionally, his voice talent can be heard in the animated hit, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, voicing the character Perrito.

Gage, on the other hand, recently starred in Season 4 of Netflix’s immensely popular series, You, alongside Penn Badgley. He has been gaining recognition in television with appearances in shows like The White Lotus, Love, Victor, and Euphoria, among others. Gage has future projects lined up, including a role in the Road House remake film and DC’s Dead Boy Detectives series. Meanwhile, Suri, who recently earned acclaim for her performance in It Lives Inside, which won the Midnighters Audience Award at SXSW this year, will see her upcoming film released in theaters this Fall under NEON. Never Have I Ever fans will recognize her as Aneesa, but she has also made appearances in Poker Face and Missing.

Stay tuned to FilmSweep for further updates on Companion as more information becomes available. In the meantime, be sure to watch the interview with Guillén discussing his latest projects below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about sci-fi horror film

What is the upcoming sci-fi horror film called?

The upcoming sci-fi horror film is called “Companion.”

Who are the stars of “Companion”?

The stars of “Companion” include Jack Quaid, Harvey Guillén, Lukas Gage, and Megan Suri.

Who is the director and writer of “Companion”?

Drew Hancock is the director and writer of “Companion.”

Is “Companion” related to the film “Barbarian”?

“Companion” is not directly related to the film “Barbarian,” but it comes from the same team that worked on “Barbarian,” which was a breakout hit in 2022.

What are some previous works of the cast members in “Companion”?

Harvey Guillén is known for his role in the TV series “What We Do in the Shadows.” Lukas Gage has appeared in Netflix’s “You,” among other shows. Megan Suri gained recognition for her role in “Never Have I Ever.”

When will “Companion” be released?

The release date for “Companion” has not been specified yet.

Who are the producers of “Companion”?

The producers of “Companion” include Zach Cregger, Roy Lee, Raphael Margules, J.D. Lifshitz, and Miri Yoon.

Are there any other upcoming projects from the director, Zach Cregger?

Zach Cregger, although not directing “Companion,” has another project lined up called “Weapons,” which will star Pedro Pascal.

Where can I find more information about “Companion”?

Stay tuned to FilmSweep for more updates on “Companion” as additional information becomes available.

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HorrorFanatic101 June 5, 2023 - 10:19 pm

OMG, I can’t wait for this sci-fi horror flick “Companion”! The cast is amazin’ – Jack Quaid, Harvey Guillén, Lukas Gage, and Megan Suri? Count me in! And the director, Drew Hancock, is makin’ his debut? Excitin’ stuff!

CinephileGirl June 5, 2023 - 10:19 pm

Yesss! Finally, a sci-fi horror movie with a killer lineup! Can’t get enough of Harvey Guillén from “What We Do in the Shadows.” Lukas Gage and Megan Suri are also rockin’ it on the small screen. Gonna be a thrill ride!

MovieBuff247 June 5, 2023 - 10:19 pm

New Line Cinema never disappoints with their horror films! I loved “Barbarian,” and now they’re bringin’ us “Companion” with an epic cast. Zach Cregger is producin’ it, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. Horror lovers, rejoice!

ThrillSeeker22 June 5, 2023 - 10:19 pm

Sci-fi and horror, the perfect combo! “Companion” sounds mysterious, and I’m dyin’ to know more about it. Kudos to Drew Hancock for takin’ the reins as a director. I’m sure this movie will keep us on the edge of our seats!

CinemaJunkie June 5, 2023 - 10:19 pm

Excitin’ news! The stars from “What We Do in the Shadows,” “You,” and “Never Have I Ever” comin’ together for a sci-fi horror film? Sign me up! Can’t wait to see these talented actors in action. Bring on the chills and thrills!


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