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Star Wars Celebration Is Heading to Japan in 2025 – Get Ready for an Epic Event

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Good news, Star Wars fans! After more than 10 years, we’re finally getting another event dedicated to the franchise created by George Lucas. It’s called Star Wars Celebration and it’ll take place in Japan in April 2025! The event will be super special because new movies and shows about the galaxy far, far away will be announced for all of us to see. Sadly, this means that there won’t be a Star Wars Celebration held next year. That announcement was made just after this year’s edition of the event ended in London this weekend.

Surprise! Disney is bringing the Star Wars celebration event back to Asia, but Star Wars isn’t as popular over there compared to the United States. This could be so that more people in Asian countries get interested in the franchise or due to their Tokyo Disneyland Resort that opened a while ago. It will also be the first Star Wars Celebration held in Asia since Disney bought it in 2012, and the last one was way back in 2008 when they promoted The Clone Wars movie.

Celebration, an event focused on Star Wars, hasn’t been held every year since it started in 1999. It usually only takes place when there is a new movie coming out for the prequel trilogy. Disney made some back-to-back appearances at Celebration sometimes but mostly it was only when they had something important to promote. Because of Disney+, they have a lot of new content but they won’t be doing Celebration in 2024 – maybe because of this big output!

There’s a new trailer out for the second volume of “Star Wars: Visions” and it looks totally awesome — with lots of amazing battles and fight scenes!

At this year’s Celebration, they announced three upcoming Star Wars movies. James Mangold will be making a movie about the first Jedi in space and Dave Filoni’s movie will follow The Mandalorian storyline. But the most interesting news of all is that Daisy Ridley will be coming back after 15 years to play Rey in a new Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy movie!

We don’t know yet which city will host Star Wars Celebration in 2025, but it looks like Tokyo is the most likely choice because there’s a Disneyland Resort there. Meanwhile, check out the trailer for the newest series of Star Wars to watch! Rosario Dawson stars as Ahsoka Tano and she’s on an important mission.

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