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A Story of Glitz and Glamour: Joshua Oppenheimer’s Golden-Age Musical Casts Moses Ingram and Michael Shannon

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Moses Ingram and Michael Shannon have been added to the cast of The End, an upcoming musical movie. Its story follows the last family on Earth who need to figure out a way to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with song and dance. The movie is filming in Ireland at first, with plans for Italy and Germany afterward. The fate of humanity lies in their hands as they race against time to come up with a solution.

Ingram and Shannon are joining a movie cast which includes famous names such as Tilda Swinton, Tim McInnerny and Lenny James. All of the actors involved have acted in popular movies before, so The End has become very important for NEON, the company that is paying for it to be made. Filming will finish this summer and no one knows when people will get to see it yet. But even if we don’t know when it’ll come out, everyone expects it to be amazing because of its special story line, great songs and awesome cast.

Joshua Oppenheimer’s last two projects have earned Academy Award nominations and he is getting ready to present the world with his next creation. His documentary, The Act of Killing, was all about a tragedy that happened in India in the 1960s, and a lot of people liked it; it ended up winning 40 awards! His upcoming project is very odd – it’s about the last family on Earth but created like an old-fashioned musical!

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Before trying her luck at singing and dancing, Reva Ingram was already busy as an actress in Star Wars. She got the role of The Third Sister, an Inquisitor who works for Empire’s Army tasked to hunt Jedi like Ewan McGregor. Even though she is respected by the force, Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen) considers her disposable. Luckily, people praised Reva’s performance and it made The Third Sister one of the most noteworthy characters from the space series ‘Star Wars’.

If you want to learn more about Moses Ingram and her role in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, then watch FilmSweep’s full interview with her.

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